How Do You Feel About Corset Styles?

     Corset style tops are very flattering for many body types! I highly recommend trying some out and adding them into your wardrobe.


🖤 For thin women they help to create the appearance of curves and fill out your body.
🖤 For women with curves they accentuate the thinnest part of your waist.
🖤 For women with large busts they can be very supportive and hold you up.
🖤 For women with small busts the cinching below the bust pushes you up for more cleavage.



        Playing with different necklines give different looks as well. This top has a higher neckline so it accentuates my curves, makes my waist appear thinner, and covers my problem areas, while hiding my cleavage to make it more work and business friendly. The textured vertical ribbing lengthens my frame and gives body to the top and the split side hem completes the fitted look.

This top is available in white & black. Let me know what you think of corsets! Love them? Not for you?

xoxo Natasha




  • Jessica Morse

    This is one of my favorite styles, I’m a mash-up between pear and plus-size hour glass so it helps bring me in, show off my bust, and give me a good silhouette, while being sexy and stylish.

  • Whitney Thurrott

    I LOVE the shapes corsets make! Plus they can help with posture and abs

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