How Do You Wear Ruffles?

Hey guys, how is everyone doing this week? It's almost friday 🙌 woo hoo! I've got a busy weekend so I wanted to make sure I popped in tonight to say hello 😄

I've been following the latest trend reports to bring some new fun pieces in and also bring back some customer favorites. I'm showing you this look because ruffles are back on trend and honestly I'm so excited for this because I love ruffles! 😍

💜 They add a touch of elegance to literally any outfit
💜 Paired with simple jewelry and mules, they give off posh vibes
💜 Play them up with statement heels for a grand presence
💜 On collars or necklines they bring to mind royalty
💜 Depending on placement, they can add body/curves to an outfit, help balance out a large bust, or help balance out large hips


I love this particular top because the material holds it's shape very well and the sleeves being 3/4 length, the ruffles don't get in your way! This top pairs well with a simple thin bracelet, simple earrings & necklace and basic jeans/pants. I like tucking my tops in but this top is the perfect length to wear untucked as well.

This style is available in lilac & black. 💜🖤

xoxo Natasha


  • Alyssa Berthiaume

    Love the ruffle sleeves and the information. Thank you for helping me to dress myself… yes a full grown adult that needs help with style!

  • Arielle

    I usually wear ruffled tops, and while I like lots of ruffled styles, I can be picky. I don’t like ruffles that go up and down the full sleeve, usually only the end (like your top). I don’t mind it across the chest or collar as long as it’s not too pronounced. I feel Like they are good professional pieces that add femininity to work. Also a big fan of tie neck pieces in various styles.

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